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Cafe Desire

Karak Ginger Tea Premix (1Kg)

Karak Ginger Tea Premix (1Kg)

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Cafe Desire 'Karak Ginger Tea Premix' is your cup of tea with its aromatic and strong flavor to energize you. It's time to kick back and relax with Karak Ginger Tea Premix. Made with ginger extracts, this premix is a perfect addition to your morning routine. It's packed with immune-boosting benefits that will keep you calm and focused throughout the day, so you can get things done without getting stressed.It takes seconds to prepare, so you can have a cup of tea and relax as soon as you wake up. And it tastes great! Your taste buds will thank you for choosing Karak Ginger Tea Premix over other teas on the market today.

Most convenient way to make tea. Make tea in seconds. Just add hot water. Karak Ginger Tea premix is a combination of milk powder, sugar,  tea powder and ginger extracts. You can make your tea manually or from any vending machine. Delight your employees and guests by serving them tea instantly. No sugar/milk/tea powder required. You can make tea in seconds by just adding hot water. Your family and friends will thank you for this great tasting tea. Apart from getting a solution for your tea needs, you can save cost on every cup of tea consumed. It is proved worldwide there is a pilferage or wastage of 15% when you make tea in an office pantry or home kitchen. Expect consistent taste in every cup of tea you prepare and consume. Tea consumption is part of our daily routine, you need it every morning and evening.

    • Top benefits of using this product: You don’t need milk, sugar, tea powder, and a gas stove to make your tea. Use tea premix and make tea in seconds. Just add hot water. Avoid wastage and pilferage, maintain a perfect account of tea consumption in your office or shop. Save on manpower. Consistency in every cup, hygienic. Your staff, guests and customers will thank you. Saving on every cup consumed.
    • Why our tea is tastier than any other: It’s all about ingredients, ingredients and ingredients. The main ingredients used to make this product are milk powder, tea powder. We buy our milk powder from a leading manufacturer and it is the most expensive milk powder available in Indian market. Next comes the tea powder, we use premium blend of tea powder.
    • How to use this product manually: Take 3 tablespoons of premix powder in a cup, pour 80ml of boiling water into the cup, stir well and your tea is ready. Adjust the quantity of powder and hot water according to your choice, you might go wrong the 1st time but by using 3 to 4 times you will figure out a perfect balance of premix powder and hot water which suits you. Please note, taste depends on the way you make tea. We recommend you to use boiling water and stir well to get a perfect taste.
    • How to use this product in a vending machine: You can use this premix tea in any brand of machine. You just need to cut the packet and pour the premix into the canister provided inside the vending machine, press the button and your tea will be ready. Get free online service support for any type of vending machine.
    • Shelf life of this product is sufficient and about 12 months(1 year).

      • No Sugar/Milk/Tea Powder Required
      • Make tea in seconds
      • Just Add Hot Water
      • Most convenient way to make tea
      • Suitable for all Vending Machines


      Enjoy a hot cup of Cafe Desire Tea which comes in the form of an instant pack where you just need to mix it up with hot water to get a cup of the refreshing and delicious taste of tea.

      Cafe Desire Tea is good for health and keeps you energetic throughout the day. It gives the instant punch to activate a sluggish mind and body. Its strong flavor and delicious taste makes people active and bright. It makes you stress less and refreshes your mood.

      You can enjoy this Tea either through a Tea Maker or even manually by just adding hot water.






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